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Our Podiatrist is an expert in managing & treating ALL heel, foot, toes, shin, ankle, arch, knee & hip pain

Do you value extensive experience & ongoing education in a practitioner?
Dr Louise Buchtmann has extensive experience and knowledge in the lower limb.
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A Podiatrist spends four years full time at University studying the lower limb and it's funtion.

Do you want someone who knows exactly how to fix your problem?

A Podiatrist is the most qualified allied health practitioner to treat the lower limb.

Only a Podiatrist is allowed to prescribe and issue custom foot orthotics (orthoses / shoe inserts) due to their training and knowledge.  Other allied health practitioners may try to sell "off the shelf orthtoics" however the practitioners training is not the same as a Podiatrist.

If you have an unstable (not in alignment) foundation (feet), the the walls (legs) and roof (hips) of the house will not be stable and function correctly. This can cause long term & irreversible damage.

90% of heel, ankle, knee and hip pain comes from the feet position!

A Podiatrist changes the bony alignment of the joints in the feet to ensure they are stable and able to provide stability to the rest of the body.





Common problems we solve at Barefeet Podaitry include but are not limited to:

Pain problems we solve
Heel pain Foot pain Leg pain Hip pain
Lower back pain Ankle pain Toe pain Forefoot pain
Arch pain Top of the foot pain Ball of the foot pain Calf pain / problems
Achilles pain / problems Knee pain Side of the leg pain Thigh pain
Hammer toes Claw toes    

Problems we solve
Foot problems Ankle problems Bunions Flat feet
High arches Colapsed feet / arches High arches Lower back pain
Foot & leg alignment Rolling in feet Shin splints Turf toe

Other Podiatry related very important issues we manage

- Sports Injuries
- Childrens' feet
Childrens' stability & sports performance
- Adults stability & sports performance
- Foot, ankle, knee & lower back injurty prevention

 We are located close to North Sydney station

Suite 802, Lvl 8, 83 Mount St North Sydney for any enquiries

02 9922 3771 ( monitored on Tues & Thurs)





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